WHAT: Long run + developing flexibility
WHEN: Saturdays
WHERE: by its own decision
COACH: by oneself

For long distances, the main source of energy is glycogen, which is stored in the body in the form of carbohydrates. In order for the body to maintain a high pace throughout the race, it must be able to build up sufficient glycogen reserves. Basic endurance training, such as long running (90 minutes or more), promotes the body’s ability to store glycogen and utilize fat to produce energy. So long running needs to become your daily routine to build your endurance.

Research does not determine the length of long run. However, it cannot be too long, as it can reduce your speed. In addition, fatigue may increase the likelihood of injury.

During long running, you can feel your body and feet working long distances during the race. It is really rewarding to experience the feeling of marathon runners on the 37th kilometer during your workout.