our history

How it was

Our VOLVERE RUN story began in October 2015. I started with a small group of 7-8 athletes. Most of them have successfully coached so far on the VOLVERE RUN team. Little by little the team started to grow, and people came for the first free training session, after which the vast majority of those who came were staying with us. We now have over 30 members and this number is steadily increasing. Together, we take part in different competitions, always trying to help each other out, celebrating birthdays and celebrations together. Our running club like good wine – only gets better with time.

volvere run



Be one of us

By joining our group, you get to experience 100% unforgettable moments.

Feel free

Nothing makes you feel more free and independent as running open road.

Be strong

Regular running helps you stay fit, healthy and hardy no matter what.

Be healthy

Fresh air and early morning running trips sure can cure almost anything.